Mar 9 - May 7
Apr 25 - Apr 29
Apr 3 - May 1
Apr 11 - Jun 9
Mar 29 - Apr 27
Active countries: 4376
Currently Logged in: 265

Alliance Clan: Save Me Daddy (DADDY)

Forty-fifth round: Apr 09, 2017 - Jun 08, 2017
Homepage: http://waitingforanoffer
Recruitment message: Looking to join a clan for netting. DM me if looking for active member.
Clan Standings
Membership Rank-- of 28
Total Networth Rank-- of 28
Average Networth Rank-- of 28
Players in Green are under protection or on vacation.
Players in Red have been destroyed.
Players in Purple have been deleted for rules violations.
Players in Yellow are Non-Player Countries.
Special Codes
M=Monarchy D=Democracy R=Republic H=Theocracy C=Communism I=Dictatorship T=Tyranny F=Fascism
No countries found.

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