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Jun 25th 2023, 21:54:42

I also think it provides more safety for netters to have a cool down on war Decs from untagged and solo or small tags intent on suiciding.

Under this meta, someone could declare war on the largest country and suicide them instantly just as they would in the past but with an added step. They would only be able to suicide one country at a time rather than a whole tag at once....but I honestly wouldn't consider that an improvement. It won't matter for people targeting Gerdler>LaF, tmac>evo, etc.

I may not have the war mechanic explained in the exact right way, but imo this meta doesn't reach far enough to protect netters in any meaningful way. All it really does is make a stonewaller in clan GDI able to prevent the rest of his tag from getting hit while folks are declared to them. Otherwise, people can still kill whoever they want to with war decs.

I think the way you describe it, gains, will actually never be the meta tho. It's a nice thought, but people will do everything possible to find a way around that. And I think after one read thru, I was instantly able to identify how to blindside netters still rather simply.

I think this is a good thing, but doesn't reach far enough to achieve its intent, and largely stops short of a meaningful change. I think adding a clan v clan war declaration mechanic in combination with a 48-72 hour formal announcement of hostilities would prevent both the blindsides and suiciding this intends to avoid, but stops well short of actually achieving that while people can still just declare war and smoke someone willy nilly. Giving people a solid notice that they're about to be suicided or killed would be far more valuable. And in combination with this mechanic, would essentially achieve the intended meta.

Tl;Dr version:
As long as you're still able to declare war on an individual in Clan GDI, and hit them as much as you want instantly, this is not a meaningful change, and will not have the desired effects.

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