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Jul 23rd 2023, 5:02:11

Netters always say "I don't have time to show up to a 20 minute warchat" right before they spend 2 hours making bot hits. It's actually a bullfluff narrative, and the time constraint to win this server vs winning a war is much, much more for a general member and we all know it. Every time I've ever won a server, I spent more than double as much time as I ever did in a war.

You do have the time, cyref. You just choose not to spend it with me. And I view that as my misfortune that you prefer not to interact because you're one of my very most favorite people in the game. I'd argue your want not to interact is actually the problem.

In general, seeing as the community is breaking up atm. If you haven't met cyref, do yourself a favor and say hello. Few people who have ever played this game come close to him as a person. I can only hope you can make him interact with delightful conversations, because currently it seems he is against wardogs and says they hit netters at random despite the fact that we all love and respect him and no one has hit MONSTERS in over a decade.

Good politics are good politics. Bad politics get netters killed.

No clan I've ever been a part of has ever touched you netting, cyref, and I've been warring for 10 years straight. If we just hit netters when we are bored, don't you find it weird we have never hit you once? Feels like maybe, just maybe, we will never hit you because you're a nice fluffin guy. And that can't be said about every netter here.

You do, however, get suicided and griefed. I understand when you're netting, it's hard to separate the two, but the idea of politics/war and netting being mutually exclusive is a farce.

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