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Oct 14th 2023, 0:38:41

Originally posted by DerrickICN:
Here I'll make you a cheat sheet.

Of people who still occasionally post, only SF and Coalie were involved in the war and openly support hitting LaF. I was involved to catch up with old friends but openly opposed the merits of war, despite bad politics by LaF. Mdevol also came back to the game during the war to hang with pals, but didn't care about politics/saw LaF fail at diplomacy. KoH is neutral. Happy, Leto and Doug are all PDM. Farmer and major are both STONES who were on your side of the war. BEM is newly returned after the war.

Only about 2 people left for you to argue with about this, dude. The rest of were on your side of the war, neutral, or openly opposed it. All of us, however, recognize bad politicking got you killed.