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Nov 25th 2023, 22:31:18

I mean. I'm sure some people are cool with the n word being dropped in chat by white folks and others aren't. I'm also not assuming certain clans don't do a better job with it than others. I can really only speak to the reasons Kendrick, DontMess and several others left the game, and my own personal opinion having witnessed it and finding it dispicable.

It's also hella ironic y'all jumped on that point and pointed out your 1 black friend. Either way. Man wanted history so I pointed out why I don't respond with certain people in the game. That's the main point. Again, I'm over having a convo with Sui about anything, for reasons related to people like Kenny and DM. That's why buch and I kinda don't fluff with each other either. I don't like that stuff around me.

If yall mean to make the point that it doesn't happen here, you're either purposely ignorant or objectively racist. My 2 cents.

I was in a chat for like 12 minutes talking to someone the other day and saw both racism and sexism in the whole 12 minutes I was there. It's extremely common. But like I said, it's a losing battle asking people not to do that fluff around me. I just get called a snowflake for it and people pile on. It's not like....fixable if I'm the only one who cares.

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