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Nov 28th 2023, 1:54:28

Told you BH. Some folks ain’t worth it, and are also a losing battle.

For what it’s worth I hope those acres are outside of West Virginia for whatever reason.

I’m certain I have more annual income and respect from people than that guy, and funny enough, I can only thank earth folk for it. I spent years and years of my life homeless and honestly earth peeps harvested me out of it and paid to make me successful.

Did you know Trump, W Bush and Clinton were all born within 6 weeks of each other in the summer of 1946? I think he’s kinda one of those. Biden is even 1942 and you can tell how he’s slightly different not having done the summer of love. We just sorta have to wait for them to die to quit fluffing the world up. I’ll leave roses on his grave and pray for him but I surely won’t speak because I have few positive things to say. And if I was him, I’d be bummed out that my legacy is being thought of as the bigot everyone defended in an online game.

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