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Nov 29th 2023, 1:16:12

Tried to type a hypothetical here and failed so I’ll do literal. And mind you, this is literal:

If someone says “go pick cotton you f1-king ni—er” I don’t necessarily think that the player who quit left the game for the wrong reasons, and I also don’t feel like we shouldn’t talk about it. Literally watched it happen and literally watched a player quit the game because he didn’t have support defending himself.

I actually think it’d be very adult of us to address it.

It’s not about the horrible tribulations of being a white man being so hard. It’s actually just about not wanting anyone who says fluff like that around me. Very simple.

Like, all this boomer conversation is correct, you guys are right. But don’t you have a line? Sheesh.

Dudes like you should realize, cath, you’re the reason we can’t have funny race jokes anymore, because you dudes are serious and it makes the whole thing not ok.

I think “cut it out unless your intention is to be funny” ought to be a very easy line. But there ought to be a line at all.

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