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Aug 11th 2010, 23:43:51

I don't think that's entirely true, Requiem. There is definitely a niche for a turn-based strategy game like this. It's not the same kind of market we would have seen in the 90's, but one certainly exists.

Making the move to include new platforms like Facebook and eventually mobile devices is the core of our marketing strategy. We need to make the game appeal to our target market if we want it to be successful. To make it appeal to this new market, we've had to build entirely new pieces to the game which never existed before and update some many other aspects of the game.

We only get ONE chance at this, and we want to ensure we do it right. Look at Mars2025, for example. I'm not sure of the whole story, so please correct me/expand on this if you know more. To my knowledge, they just plopped the game on Facebook as-is and started marketing it, but they didn't do a really good job making it into a positive user experience or able to retain users. They got a lot of players, but those accounts were dormant within a short time and the existing community was unhappy with the whole thing.

That takes time, and both qz and I have day jobs and Slag is busy with school (although not in the summer :p).
Anyways... hopefully that explains why we're not just tossing our half finished work out there and seeing what happens :p

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