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Aug 12th 2010, 3:43:33

Originally posted by warlorde:
Pang you make a good point.... many people start facebook applications for a day or so and never log on again. in fact i havent seen a facebook application in a LONG time. i havent had an application invite in what seems like 6 months. have the facebook applications died off? and if so we dont want to link this game to a dying fad

It's not really a dying fad, it's just changed from being in-your-face to running in the background. Not to mention that Facebook is just the next logical step in a process that goes website -> Facebook -> Mobile devices -> EE smart phones

the good thing about Facebook is that it links together our marketing model with the medium. being able to take advantage of that effectively will be good.

Just as a quick FB update -> everything is working nicely to create an account and play through facebook.... I'm just working on the recruiting system. You'll be able to invite people to your tag, your server, the game in general or send pact requests (non FFA) via Facebook.
We're focusing on making the experience for new players a better one, as right now it's a little daunting to get involved in the game. This was a major problem Earth had for years -- a steep learning curve.

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