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Sep 12th 2017, 4:39:00

Ya know, its funny. Tag jumping, 72 hour retal windows, etc are all typically terms in a pact.

Common terms as they are:

Tags will accept responsibility for the actions of their members for 72 hours after they detag has been a term in many of our standard term pacts. It is not a term, however, in our pact with laf. Thus, there being no line in our pact regarding detagging countries, it should be noted that we take no responsibility with their actions. We do however take responsibility in several other pacts we signed over the sets.

Another typical line:

Retals will be 1:1 or 100% l:l in the case of a topfeed.

Our pact reads that all retals will be worked out in an agreed upon way by FA's. There's grey area due to the fact that it doesn't account for when we dont reach an agreement. Ive offered a fair solution to that problem which was not accepted. I offered you a 1:1 retal where your guy gains 10,000 acres and loses $700m. Our guy gains 4k acres. Omega loses nothing and Lenga gains $700m and loses 7k acres. Considering the circumstances and the fact that we hate each other, I believe it was a handsome gesture. No one loses and everyone gains. Your choice to not accept that. Either way it does not violate the terms of our pact.

On the third time. The topfeeding of a demo, I assume you're talking about relaxlah. We paid 100% l:l for that. After ghosts relaxlah gained about 3k acres. Saying we didnt pay for that is absolutely silly.

Pacts typically have about 10 terms which cover a whole variety of situations which our pact does not cover. Our pact simply reads that we will not FS each other. Therefore the only way to break the pact is by fsing.

For the record:

Terms of WFS pact with LaF:
1) We won't FS each other even in defense of our allies
2) All hits and ops will be worked out between clan FAs.

One could say the pact was nullified by the inability for FA's to work out a solution to a problem with a detagging country.

Or one could say the pact can only be broken by FSing.

Either way. You can message me signing off on the pact and I will happily sign back nullifying it. Or you could deal with the fairness in handling FA issues that you've been approached with. Or you can break pact. Frankly I dont care which it is. But if you break that pact, you're only further justifying your suiciders who've targeted you specifically for manipulating other clans and cheating throughout the decades.

Keep the spin going, I get that its hard to see the other side of things sometimes. But we were more than fair until +7k acres was not enough for you and you demanded $800b in reps for something that is not even covered in our pact. Then break the pact because we won't abide by your wanting the cake and eating it too. Or have some honor and let's sign a nullification so you can at least have some moral high ground.

I could have just as easily told you guys to get fluffed from the first exchanges of hits, but I tried to be fair because I was looking forward to a friendly with the SOL boys. No I won't give you $800b for a country not tagged elders. And no, I won't give you 4 hits on a country that is already ahead 4k acres on exchanges. Maybe old previous lafdogs would. But sorry, you dont push us around if you like netting.

Never forget. Every set we war is a win for elders and a loss for LaF.

Id like to invite laf netters who care more about netting than laf to join clans like Monsters, Evo, Rage or Omega. There you shall find shelter. LaF has more interest on fighting than playing fair. And it seems from this post, LaF's leadership has already said the pact is null.

LaF has a horrible history of farming small tags, cheating & multi connections. Its leader is Vic/vickylar/mr clear/mr mango/rj. A man who cheated so bad he signed pacts with himself. A clan that has run great small tags off the server as farmland before the bots. A clan that forced allies to pay reps for RIVAL suiciders that hid in allied tags for sets. They've scammed, they've cheated and they've stayed on top because of it.

Sometimes dragons are created by man's greed.

Fight fire with fire LaF. Or die trying.

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