Dec 4th 2019, 19:13:27

Originally posted by Gerdler:
Disagree. The tip of the spear is no sharper or duller than before but the broad masses of minions are no more. The highlights we have today, the bots, the tools and average levels of knowledge and skill within almost all alliances are at a level far beyond what anyone ever had before. Pound for pound most alliances now are better than the alliances of yore. And this is NOT a good thing. It just means the rigors of war has forced out what was once the base of this game.

Take IX in their hayday with the best war leaders and their tools, of that day and then RANDOMLY cut away 85% of them so you have member pairity with todays SOL, then put them against each others; SOL would crush.
The reason you are putting them on a pedistal is because they had more members and its far far easier to war lead and to make war efficiently with more members. Further, maybe 1 or 2 of the warleaders really was better than they are now, regardless of membership, but that doesn't mean that the average warleader of that time is better or even achieves pairity with todays best.

What elders have is a tight group of veterans who nearly exclusively played for war in the past years and they are not really taking many new people to teach. Being great pound for pound is something only Elders work towards right now, so they are winning a competition in which they are the only participant.
If LaF, SoF and SOL putting their 10 most active and skilled members(in terms of war) in a separate tag and then warring with that tag they would all be challenging Elders.
I don't know who would win that and I suppose it would deppend on when the war happens. Either way I don't see it happening.

Tend to fully agree.
Not to mention that what qualifies as "good war leaders" is massively different. 6 - 8 years ago Good war leaders had target selection and decent game knowledge compared with knowing some war formula's. However one of THE most important skills they had to have was CONTROLLING the warroom. Getting people to listen. Warrooms could consist of 40 - 50 hitters. <--- That has much to do with the social skills of the warchat leader as an individual.

Warleaders now are seen as great when they "finish" targets. Or pick the right ones to kill. But that criteria can't be more wrong. As the factors involved in turning such a decision in the best possible result (a kill) are partially controlable but most of it is out of the current chatleaders hand. (examples being: out of hitters, to much stock on the wallers end compared to your hitters left etc. etc.)

Looking at warleaders of old, it was far more in their hands. Much more control. Warrooms consisting of 15 - 50 hitters. Managing those hitters was part of the succes of your warroom AKA being able to finish targets. Stuff like running into a waller was a challenge, would force people to devise a plan to finish that particual waller off.
Far less limitations.
Basically a war can now be won through walling. Because other then special chats and FS/CSes proper walling targets resources, hardly get finished off.

As for pound for poundness I full heartedly agree that Elders is likely the only one trying to compete in that area.

@Gerdler I'm willing to gather up some SOLers/LaFfers to make Elders/mercs work for their so desired title?
If ABM as our new godlike leader agrees to it SOL can help you man handle whatever griefers come your way.

Let's chat about that :)