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Mar 28th 2021, 19:44:30

I fundamentally disagree that I ever will have any desire to get attacked by a bot in this game. And I think of this current moment in the games history as enjoyable because it is the only time I've ever played where I wasnt getting shrekked by bots.

And I still think clan GDI bones the warclan and doesnt prevent suicides for us at all. We had a suicider ruin a players 2 months just last week and nothing I've seen suggested or at least accepted that addresses that.

I think you're correct about MOST positive/negative/neutral interactions (again.... really just not into having a bot hit me. Like at all. I've had enough of that haha), but implementation will need to be hyper player focused. I might not play a game where I'm getting suicided as a wardog and getting hit by bots netting. That's going to be a tough sell for me. I'm just being honest. Because if bots drop missiles or something and it is done at random, winners will win based on randomness and not skill. And if I get suicided more netting it may ruin both aspects for me.

That all said, every change you've made so far I've been super happy with and feel like it improved my experience massively. I'm a bit miffed about what the future holds but the road there has been one of marked improvements so I'm along for the ride. We'll see where it takes us. And if there's anything I can help with, I'm easy to find.

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