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Mar 29th 2021, 15:37:44

Maybe I'm missing the point.

How does adding bots attacking humans increase human interaction? I'm over here assuming bots are not humans...

Like the players will attack each other more because bots retal or what?

Yall sound like underwear gnomes. It's like

STEP TWO .....

I don't see at all how you're getting from step one to three. In fact, things like clan GDI and such seem to desire to pull us further from human interaction. I agree the game needs it, and I think this actually achieves the opposite. Fracturing the player base does the opposite by splitting us down war and net lines rather than those being matters of diplomacy.

I prefer that you're able to hit me netting if I'm running my mouth to you hawk. I think you do too. You can't say you're attempting to increase human interaction while effectively doing the opposite and just say HUMAN INTERACTION 10 times and make it so. This isnt Beetlejuice.

I'm trying to imagine a scenario in any circumstances where having a robot attack me increases my human interactions. Maybe someone goes "hey derrick you got missile dumped by a techer bot your sets over." I guess that's a human interaction, right? Like the guy who tells me I got hit talked to me lol.

I play earth because it is a skill game. If you take away the skill aspect and add randomness it becomes less enjoyable period, unless you add more human interaction, which I dont believe this doesm

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