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Mar 29th 2021, 16:17:56

I think they would bounce hits, but they'd still send them.

The way I've been led or perhaps misled to understand it, is that they might use ABs, they might use missiles, they might farm you. The plan is not just like a 1:1 retal that bounces if you have defense. It's far far more random than that.

So like if I hit a techer bot, and roll a 1 on a d20, it will flatten me with all 60 of its missiles. My sdi will stop around 40 haha.

BlueCow, you seem to be on the fence. I'd ask why? How do you feel like this will improve your experience or increase interaction? I'm clearly missing something that maybe youd be better at explaining to me than anyone else lol. A bit surprised youd lean towards clan GDI over fixing war, and bots suiciding over players being able to.

I'll play it and try it and could be totally wrong. But it looks to me like the opposite of more human interaction and playability. Decreasing or eliminating suiciding/war situations for netters while simultaneously increasing bot interaction seems seriously the opposite of that.

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