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Mar 29th 2021, 20:23:20

Originally posted by Gerdler:
If the bots decide at random but by probabilities...

I just see new and unique problems no matter how it is looked at. I see this as causing new players to get shrekked by bots while vets skate because they know exactly how to hit them and not get hit back increasing the barrier of entry to newbs and casuals, lowering the experience of the majority to benefit the few.

Either way, I think it is near impossible for me to believe that clan GDI in combination with bot retals won't fundamentally destroy the war experience and the need for diplomacy for a 30 dollar increase in turret price and a netter still eating missiles. *shrugs*

I honestly just believe the way to improve the experience for both killers and treehuggers is to make kill teams able to kill suiciders preemptively by forcing a war clock into the wars. We dont improve and grow the community by splitting it into half of two sides that dont even need to communicate, and one side not even getting their side to be playable.

We increase the community thru the need to intermingle not making an isolationist competition against the bots.

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