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Mar 27th 2021, 19:56:33

Change set #20 builds an important foundation for future development work.

* Newly created countries have default indy production set to 100% spies. This has already been live for a while.

* Private Market Bushel Sell price and Public Market Tech Floor were added to the Server Details page.

* GDI expenses have been changed to be free in protection in future rounds. Outside of protection, countries pay a dollar amount per non-cs building instead of per acre of land.

* All countries start in GDI on the Express and Primary servers in future rounds. A country may leave GDI before the final six hours of the reset if it has not attacked or been attacked. If a country leaves GDI it is not able to rejoin.

* The -10% gains penalty for GDI has been removed on the Express and Primary servers in future rounds.

Express server only with standard roll out schedule:
* Bonus turns awarded every 4 and 6 hours have been removed until we can replace this with a better system (
* Planned Strike time increased from 2 hours to 4 hours.
* First round of NPC improvements:

The NPC improvements are only going live on Express for now because they are still in the testing phase. They will eventually go live on other servers as well.

Some changes will be applied to servers as they reset. For this change set, the changes will first be live on the next round of each server that begins after Mar 29 00:01.

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