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Oct 13th 2023, 16:58:02

Originally posted by DerrickICN:
Thaaaats right. My point was that you were an ex-member of one of the tags in the war technically....that tag was LaF lol.

You've never played our side tho unlike most ex-LaF who seem very keen on killing them.

Correct, always been in LaF side until they decided to ruin the game, it is what it is, sad for sure.
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Oct 13th 2023, 17:52:24

Originally posted by DerrickICN:
TC pulling a BHole just blindly guessing what clans people are in. Only about half of us loudly opposing these changes supported the war, some of which were on your side, chief. You can stop with the "you people" anytime. We're a bit more diverse than that, bud.

At this point, there's maybe 2 or 3 people who supported the war left posting. Most have quit/quit posting already.

Maybe TC is actually BH dad!

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Oct 14th 2023, 0:38:41

Originally posted by DerrickICN:
Here I'll make you a cheat sheet.

Of people who still occasionally post, only SF and Coalie were involved in the war and openly support hitting LaF. I was involved to catch up with old friends but openly opposed the merits of war, despite bad politics by LaF. Mdevol also came back to the game during the war to hang with pals, but didn't care about politics/saw LaF fail at diplomacy. KoH is neutral. Happy, Leto and Doug are all PDM. Farmer and major are both STONES who were on your side of the war. BEM is newly returned after the war.

Only about 2 people left for you to argue with about this, dude. The rest of were on your side of the war, neutral, or openly opposed it. All of us, however, recognize bad politicking got you killed.

Where i am impressed about the mention in the thread above, I have never allied with LAF in any war.
I have always played in TIE, the old days, SOL and STONES. but never have I fought a war by LAFS side.


/me huggles Derrick naked.

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Oct 14th 2023, 5:46:20


/Me Hug-humps

It's a different era than it was 20 years ago for sure, but of the dogs the last 10 or so years that I've watched have the most know-how of the game and skill getting people together in chats, and after seeing "top ten all time warleaders" lists where I come in at like 9th or so...

Dude warleading is hard. Like way harder than people say. And doing FA on the side is a talent. Imo, you're an all timer. I kinda have you low key on my top 10. And the only reason you aren't my top 5 is because when dudes like SC and Duque did the thing, they did what we do now less efficiently, but they were miles ahead of where average characters like us were at at the time.. I think a lot of the best warleaders ever are sorta last 10 or 15 years when the average Joe had access to more of the math.

Anyways, you shouldn't be surprised I mention you. If I started a clan today and put my heart and soul into it like the old days, I'd be extremely happy to have you as the warleader. You're kinda very worth mentioning lol

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