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Jun 19th 2023, 14:26:30

Want to confirm:

If I'm an untag, a country from clan GDI LG me, I can:
1) Hit that country without having to declare war (due to that country has attacked me personally?) OR
2) Still have to declare war in order to hit that country (due to that country is in clan GDI)?

And can further clarify on the word "recently" from this statement?
"have not attacked their clan recently"
- recently up to how many hours or days?

Very good question! It will be so that if you've been attacked, you will not need to declare war to hit back. I think that makes most sense.

Currently "has attacked clan recently" is 72 hours; and "has attacked by country" is all reset (well, 1 year technically, but only alphaffa is that long)

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