EE Patron

Jul 1st 2023, 0:39:16

Here is an idea the fix the game. Drop Clan GDI, we kill LaF, and all the honourable rule abiding players there, like SilentWolf, Mac23 and Whynot to name a few of those I think of as friends, you guys join the respected netting clans that are here like Evo and Omega. Or even demote Gerdler, Gainsboro and Turtle Crawler to recruits and make Mac23 leader. Then maybe we can negotiate again.

Then, we form pacts that don't penalize us for recruiting new people who might fluff up, and we come up with a strategy to retain all the people who visit here every set and try the game out. We can follow the terms of our pact that we agreed on at the end of last set and work towards a better rapport, less hate, and making the game more enjoyable.

And we can leave the game the way its always been and keep the conflict and drama, with a bit less hate.