Sep 11 - Nov 9
Sep 28 - Oct 2
Sep 2 - Sep 30
Aug 14 - Oct 12
Sep 9 - Oct 8
Active countries: 3243
Currently Logged in: 172

Alliance Clan: Kingdom of Heaven (KoH)

Seventy-third round: Dec 12, 2021 - Feb 10, 2022
Recruitment message: Looking to bring back the glory days of KoH. If you are interested in a warring clan, this is your home. Message Middle of Nowhere #377 for more details.
Clan Standings
Membership Rank14 of 19
Total Networth Rank19 of 19
Average Networth Rank19 of 19
Players in Green are under protection or on vacation.
Players in Red have been destroyed.
Players in Purple have been deleted for rules violations.
Players in Yellow are Non-Player Countries.
Special Codes
M=Monarchy D=Democracy R=Republic H=Theocracy C=Communism I=Dictatorship T=Tyranny F=Fascism
404 Middle of Nowhere (#377)  Game profile 100$4717 M

Total countries: 1

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