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May 8 - Jun 6
Active countries: 3387
Currently Logged in: 201

Team Clan: bayrock (BAYROCK)

Current round: May 07, 2022 - N/A
Recruitment message: we want to build up our numbers to 5 on team and also spread to Alliance. Eventually we want to challenge LaF so that they cannot AFK farm bots each and every set for free. we want to change the metagame of Earth 2025 back to it's former PvP glory this is our ultimate goal, you can see in the forum post this is what it is all about for us
Clan Standings
Membership Rank7 of 14
Total Networth Rank11 of 14
Average Networth Rank10 of 14
Scores & Ranks are updated every 5 minutes.
Players in Green are under protection or on vacation.
Players in Red have been destroyed.
Players in Purple have been deleted for rules violations.
Special Codes
M=Monarchy D=Democracy R=Republic H=Theocracy C=Communism I=Dictatorship T=Tyranny F=Fascism
4 killer (#38) 14,306$8,593,562 HG
42 JIKLO (#26) 8051$1,184,579 F
49 bayrock (#53) 2979$180,288 T

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