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Alliances are a powerful method of furthering your influence in the world around you. There are 5 types of alliances, as described below. However, being a member of an alliance requires a portion of your income to each turn. When joining an alliance, you are restricted from breaking the pact for at least 72 hours.
Relation Descriptions
Defensive A defensive alliance builds a solid foundation to protect each of the partners. Any time you are attacked, 25% of of your allies' forces will come to assist in your defense. However, Your total battle strength cannot be more than doubled through allies, so having allies at your strength is most beneficial in the long run. Being a member of a Defensive Alliance consumes 0.2% of your networth each turn.
Offensive The opposite of the defensive alliance, an Offensive Alliance will automatically bring in 25% of your allies' available army during your attacks (if available). This type of alliance also requires 0.2% of your networth to maintain. Once again, your total strength cannot be increased by more than 100%, so having allies at your strength is most beneficial in the long run.
Technology This alliance is beneficial to technology-intensive countries. Each time one member engages in technological research, others will acquire 10% of this knowledge. This alliance also requires 0.15% of your networth in support costs. Note that the amount of technology you receive is also dependent upon your own tech levels.
Intelligence An intelligence alliance brings together the strength of each member's intelligence agencies in both engaging in and protecting from spy operations. This alliance consumes 0.15% of your networth to maintain.
Trade Pact This alliance, which only consumes 0.05% of your networth, is for countries who wish to engage in trade but do not wish to agree to a more advanced alliance. The only benefit of this alliance is that it creates a formal pact allowing trade.