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As leader of your country, you must select a form of government which your country will maintain. While you will still, in effect, have full authority over all decisions, each form has its advantages and disadvantages, as listed below.

Changing forms of government will require a revolution. Because a civil war is involved, a small part of your infrastructure, including military, technology, and buildings will be destroyed. However, as a Monarchy, you can change governments without any unrest.

Government Type Adjustments
Monarchy None
Fascism +15% Food Production
+50% Oil Production
-10% Maximum Per Capita Income
-15% Population
+15% Bonus effectiveness
Tyranny +20% Attack Gains
-10% Military Upkeep Costs
Only 1 Turn Required Per Attack
-25% Maximum Per Capita Income
Dictatorship +25% Military Strength
+30% Spy Effectiveness
-30% Construction Speed
+33% Ghost Acres
Communism +20% Technology Effectiveness
+35% Industrial Production
+35% Market Sale Size Cap
10% Market Commissions
Theocracy -20% Private Market Military Costs
+40% Construction Speed
-35% Maximum Technology
+50% Maximum Population
Double GDI Expenses
Republic +20% Land Exploration
+20% Maximum Per Capita Income
-10% Military Strength
Democracy 0% Market Commissions
3 Turns Required Per Attack
+10% Maximum Technology