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Military Descriptions
Troops Troops serve as both offensive and defensive battle units. While not very strong on either end, they are fairly cheap to buy and maintain. However, they are most vulnerable to covert attack.
Jets These units serve as offensive-only military units. About twice as powerful as a regular troop on offense, they make a formidable attack weapon. However, they cannot defend and are vulnerable to covert bombings. These units provide the most offensive power for the dollar, but require oil to function.
Turrets The counterpart to Jets, Turrets are defensive-only weapons about twice as powerful as the troop. While relatively expensive to buy and maintain, Turrets are protected from covert attack and are the best buy for the dollar for defense.
Tanks The tank is the most advanced general purpose military weapon of your army. About the equivalent of four troops, tanks can be used both on offense and defense. Their high maintenance costs are a potential drawback, but they are safe from covert action and thus are an excellent stabalizing force in your military. Tanks need oil to function on offense.
Spies A strong Intelligence Agency is based upon having a large supply of spies. In general, the larger number of spies you are armed with relative to an opponent and relative to your size, the more successful your spy operations will be and the less successful enemies will be against you. Because of their nature, spies cannot be bought on the market -- they can only be trained in industrial complexes.