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Spy Ops
All spy operations are limited, to some extent, by your own strength. For example, in a Cause Dissensions operation, you will destroy a portion of your enemy's troops, but no more than a certain percentage of your own. This is designed to prevent tiny countries from destroying really large ones.

Spy operation success is dependent upon the relative strength of your intelligence network as compared to your land area. Because larger countries have more land and resources to maintain, a larger spy network is necessary to gain the same level of effectiveness. However, tiny countries will not be able to consistently use large spy networks to unreasonably destroy larger countries.

Spy Operation Descriptions
Spy If successful, this operation will provide you with detailed information about your opponent; it will contain all information included in your Full Status Display from the main menu.
Spy On Alliances To be an effective fighter, you must know your opponent. This operation gives you added information about your target's capabilities by displaying detailed alliance information.
Market Spy To get a true picture of a country's strength, you have to be able to get to value all of their assets. The Market Spy lets you check out how much military a country has on the public market.
Military Spy While a regular spy operation will give you information about total army holdings, a more detailed picture of army brigades and where they are is much more useful. Use this option to get a detailed picture of your opponent's military status.
Stir Rebellions This operation sends your agents into opposing countries to try to convince their citizens to emigrate from their empire.
Cause Dissensions By discouraging your target country's military, you can try to make a portion of their troops to flee from their standing army.
Bomb Airbases In this operation, your agents will attempt to infiltrate your enemy's airbases and destroy stationary jets.
Espionage Sending your agents into opposing research labs, this operation is the one of the few that physically benefits you. If successful, you will capture a small portion of your opponent's technology points.
Bomb Buildings As the name implies, this operation focuses on destroying a portion of your enemy's structures; this can be very costly to your target in terms of turns wasted rebuilding.
Sabotage Intelligence Pitting your agents directly against your opponent's, in this operation you attempt to assassinate or make ineffective as many as possible of your target's spies, thereby weakening their defensive position.
Bomb Banks To prevent your opponents from stockpiling excess cash, you can opt to attempt to bomb their country's central banks and destroy a portion of their money supply.
Raid Food Stores Similar to bombing banks, you can opt to attempt to raid their food stores and capture a small portion of your enemy's reserves. In addition, your operatives will destroy a portion of your enemy's reserves.
Sabotage Missiles Ruthless countries often stockpile weapons of mass destruction such as Nuclear or Chemical weapons. This operation sends your covert forces out to dismantle as many opponents' missiles as possible.
Demoralize By sending your agents to weaken an opposing countries military, you may be able to effectively defeat them with a smaller army. The power of a healthy, ready army can never be underestimated.
BioTerrorism By releasing biochemical agents into an opposing companies infrastructure -- the water & food supplies -- you can cause disease to spread throughout their kingdom. Until their medical efforts result in a cure, the plagues will spread and kill people across the land.
Raid Oil Reserves Oil is an essential commodity for any nation-state who wishes to engage in war. By burning small pockets of these reserves, you can slowly diminish an opponent's ability to conduct effective war campaigns. Your operatives will alsocapture a small portion of your enemy's reserves.