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Technology is a vital aspect of growth for any country. The rate at which you can develop tech depends on the number of research labs you have throughout your lands. The level of improvement a single technology point gives you depends on the size of your country. The more land you have, the more technology is required to realize benefits.
Technology Descriptions
Military Military technology helps to reduce the costs of buying new forces by decreasing the equipment expenditures. It also helps decrease maintenance costs of military by developing higher quality equipment.
Medical Medical technology is used by your country's hospitals to treat wounded soldiers defending your country from attack, reducing losses suffered by your forces while defending. Medical technology also helps your doctors develop cures for bioterror attacks.
Business By developing more advanced business methods and philosophies, your workers are able to increase their productivity and thus their per capita income. A higher per capita income, in turn, leads to higher tax revenues.
Residential Developing the ability to improve residential complexes allows you to increase your maximum population without negatively affecting the people. By doing this, you in turn increase total revenues and tax income.
Agricultural By learning new farm techniques, you will be able to produce more food on your farms and unused lands. This technology allows you to supply your people's demands without sacrificing additional land to crops.
Military Strategy By training in the arts of military & warfare strategy, your troops can learn to more effectively go in and capture land and resources. This technology helps you to increase the gains from battle.
Warfare Your research labs are always look at ways to develop new weapons. By committing research to this field, you give your country a greater chance of building a new type of weapon each turn. These weapons will then provide additional battle options for you to take advantage of. However, at any given time, you are limited to 1 missile per 200 acres you own (with a minimum of 10 missiles).
Weapons By developing more advanced weapons technology, you can make your military stronger without adding volume. New weapons, better training, and more military knowledge can all help your forces fight more effectively by increasing their maximum readiness rating.
Industrial By increasing industrial capacity, you raise the level of output per turn by industrial land. This allows you to generate more military capacity every turn at no extra cost.
Spy Effectiveness Researching better intelligence strategies and developing better survelliance equipment allows you to improve the effectiveness of your intelligence agents, allowing you to keep a smaller spy force and achieve the same results.
SDI The Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI, is a ground-based weapons system designed to counter enemy nuclear and chemical missiles. While there is always a small chance of a missile getting through, the SDI can potentially destroy almost all incoming missiles from enemy forces. The proportion of missiles destroyed is based on the level of technology you have.